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The easiest entry into the crypto world.

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What is FCTF?

TEN coins replaced by ONE smart contract

Easy and Simple!

No more 10 trading fees!

Start to invest smartly and safely with First Crypto ETF

It’s a simple way to participate in cryptocurrencies. A portfolio of cryptocurrencies traded through one token. No entry or exit fees. First Crypto ETF allows you to enter the world of cryptocurrencies simply and easily. Instead of buying multiple coins, thinking about which to choose and tracking numerous prices, you can just use a single token.

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10 coins replaced by ONE smart contract. No more 10 wallets! No problems with liquidity!
Supported by Digital Asset Exchange Singularity-X .
Price of the token pegged to value of 10 cryptocurrencies.
Use your token and get lower trading fees on Singularity-X!
Token holder will have profits from mining fees on DASH masternode and from forked coins!
Smart technology that manages digital assets in the portfolio throughout the day.

First Crypto ETF changes the game forever.

Portfolio token

The token copies the value of the portfolio it represents. It is tradeable 24/7. With it, you can participate in multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously. The portfolio is managed by smart “authorize engine” technology that knows exactly when and how much to buy.


The resources from ICO will be used to create a portfolio of 10 cryptocurrencies.

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Our ETF porfolio

By owning an ETF, investors get diversification. The portfolio represents a basket of top-traded high-demand coins. All of the coins have high liquidity and good daily trading volumes.

They wrote about us

Say hello to our team

We study the cryptocurrency market by doing fundamental and technical analysis, following trends and keeping up with all the latest developments.

Peter Vrábel


Peter has over 10 years marketing experience and over five years of experience with equity and securities markets, trading future contracts/stock indices, 30 year bonds, EUR-USD FX, and options on CME, Chicago. Developed several trading systems based on momentum, pattern recognition and market depth data reading. He holds bachelor degree in Arts and Master degree in Communication.

Roman Lazar

VP for Marketing

Over 20 years of experience with advertising business and communication. Member of Art Directors Club in Slovakia, marketing director for film festival, member and supporter of many NGOs. Member of board and secretary of +421 Foundation in USA. His business activities were also related to developing business. After his carreer brake in advertisment business he paid attention to film production, academic career and visual arts.

Milan Kuruc

Executive at Process Engineering and Programming division

Milan graduated at University of Economics, Faculty of Economic Informatics. Prior to joining the Team, Milan worked as financial analyst for Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic and for a private sector. After that he worked as a software analyst on several large government IT projects. At First Crypto ETF he is responsible for quality, secure and smooth functioning of our platform.

Alexej Dobrolubov

Executive at Risk Management division

Alex´s focus is on evaluating alternative investments. He has bachelor degree from Universtiy of Economics where he was focusing on macroeconomi importance of insurance. Masters degree has acquired from financial management on Comenius Univerzity in Bratislava. He´s CFA candidate at the present time. Successfully passed 1 Level of CFA.

Vladimír Bačišin

Advisory Board

Vladimir is a respected expert in banking and financial markets. He started his career as a broker at the Management Consulting Services brokerage and later served as a financial markets analyst at the VUB Invest. Most recently he serves on the Government Bank Restructuring and Recapitalization Commission in Slovakia. Vladimir earned his master’s degree from Moscow State University of Lomonosov, Russia, and his PhD from the University of Economics, Institute of Forecasting, the Slovak Academy of Science.

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Our roadmap

February 2017
The Idea of First Crypto ETF and digital assets management
March/July 2017
Analyses of present market structure - crypto exchanges, liquidity providers
October 2017
Pre-ICO and private sale, 8.2 mil. tokens offered
February/April 2018 ICO
Tokens will be offered for portfolio creation
Public Audit by Big 4 Accounting Firm and verifying holdings. Launching crypto ETF on crypto exchanges


Is the token highly liquid? Can it be easily bought and sold?

Yes, that’s the point. The tokens will be tradeable on crypto exchanges. You can sell them at any time, just like any other coin. You can make use of the token’s value immediately, and you don’t have to wait for a specific time.

What is Crypto ETF?

Simply put, it’s a portfolio of multiple cryptocurrencies in which you can invest by buying one or more tokens, without the need to buy each cryptocurrency separately. It’s an opportunity to easily participate in the growth of cryptocurrencies. It’s a simple and comprehensible solution. You need to monitor only one price – the price of the token – not the price of several cryptocurrencies. You can easily keep track of the growth and status of the portfolio. First Crypto ETF offers an initial portfolio of 10 cryptocurrencies. By buying a token, you get a share in this portfolio, i.e. in all 10 cryptocurrencies. The token is traded as any other coin. Simply and quickly. You always know the portfolio’s content and true value – all information is online. High transparency and clarity is assured by blockchain technology and a Big Four auditor.

Why should I buy an ETF share rather than just one or several cryptocurrencies?

If you wish, you can do both. You can buy one cryptocurrency and rely on its growth. You can also buy multiple cryptocurrencies. But through ETF, it’s easier and more efficient for you. You don’t have to think about which currencies to buy, and you don’t have to worry about current availability on the stock market, long transfer times, various fees, etc. We’ll take care of all this for you, you just buy a token and automatically get a share in the portfolio of 10 cryptocurrencies contained in First Crypto ETF.

Where can I buy/trade Crypto ETF?

Crypto ETF will be traded on crypto exchanges. The first will be the Singularity-X partner exchange. Other exchanges will follow gradually.

Can you change the portfolio after I buy the ETF?

After the portfolio is introduced to the crypto exchange, it will remain unchanged. If a change is necessary, we will notify you 30 days before any specific coin is removed from the portfolio and replaced by another. You will always have an overview of everything going on.

How can I be sure that the portfolio actually contains the currencies?

You can make sure in several ways. It can be verified through an output from our platform. A lot of transparency is provided by blockchain technology, which allows you to keep track of the portfolio’s movements and status. We will also be audited by a Big Four company (KPMG, Deloitte, EY, PwC) that will verify the status of the portfolio.

What does the value of the portfolio / token price depend on?

The value of the portfolio is the sum of the values ​​of all coins contained in the portfolio at a given moment. The token price/value is derived from this too. The sum of all tokens is equal to the value of the portfolio.

Why do you have these cryptocurrencies in the portfolio? Why this ratio?

The portfolio represents the crypto world. There are highly desirable coins, as well as coins with good prospects. When building the portfolio, we had to take into account the valuation of the coin, as well as its availability, liquidity, and other potential. Over time, we will offer additional portfolios, with other coins in a different ratio.

Do you follow KYC/AML?

Yes. We comply with the KYC/AML rules that apply in the European Union.

Should I be worried about KYC/AML?

No, why should you? For example, if you are going to trade in shares, forex, etc., it is commonplace to do a KYC/AML procedure. The KYC/AML policy also helps in the fight against terrorism. The process runs in the background, is automatic, and does not restrict you.

What is your primary company value?

Transparency, transparency, transparency.

What do I actually get from participating in an ICO?

You get a token for a fixed price of €0.2, which will represent a portfolio of 10 cryptocurrencies. For example, if you make your initial purchase in bitcoin, you are also participating in the growth of nine other cryptocurrencies. You get a token that is tradeable like any other coin. You simplify your access to the cryptocurrency market and don’t have to think about how to build a portfolio, where to buy and hold coins, or keep track of 10 different prices. Monitoring just one price is enough – the price of Crypto ETF.

What’s the token introductory/initiation/opening price?

The introductory, opening price after the trading launch will take full account of the portfolio’s value, and will be in line with the current live chart value that shows the development of the token price in real time. This means that if the cryptocurrencies in the portfolio rise by the trading launch, that will also be reflected in the token price. During an ICO, you buy a token for a fixed price of €0.2. If the token price is higher at the time of trading launch, you can immediately sell the token and reap the profit. You can see the current token value in the chart. The token value may also be higher than if you held, for example, only one particular cryptocurrency. In this way, you participate in the growth of the entire portfolio, i.e. in the growth of all 10 cryptocurrencies.

Where is First Crypto ETF incorporated?

First Crypto ETF is under Panama’s jurisdiction, as a so-called PIF. All steps and decisions are made in good faith with regard to transparency. The technology of managing digital assets in the portfolio via a unique “Authorize Engine” is under European jurisdiction. This structure allows the company’s assets to remain separated from the client’s assets. Activities will be subject to EU rules on KYC/AML. At the same time, we are in intensive contact with multiple regulators in the EU, and we are actively discussing how to modify and set up the regulatory framework for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. We are also constantly monitoring other jurisdictions outside the EU and changes in the regulatory frameworks. So far, however, it is a new world and a new outlook, hence regulation has not yet been fully resolved.

Are my cryptocurrencies securely stored in the ETF?

Yes. They are kept in cold storage to avoid any attacks. First Crypto ETF also participates in the development of Digital Asset Custody, which will offer a hot/cold wallet system for the safe storage and management of cryptocurrencies.

What fees will you charge?

We’ll charge only a 2% p.a. management fee. The benefit of Crypto ETF is that, unlike many other funds, you pay fees only for yourself and only an aliquot part. For example, if you hold one or more tokens for only a few months or days in a year, you’ll pay fees only for that period. The fee is not flat, and refers only to the period during which you hold the token. The fee is used to manage and maintain the system, and for marketing and operating costs.

How/when will the ICO tokens be distributed?

After signing into the system, you’ll see the amount and the current market value of the tokens you’ve bought in the ICO. The tokens from the pre-ICO and ICO will be distributed to you within 10 days of the ICO end.

How can I buy a cryptocurrency?

You have multiple options – via existing crypto exchanges, bitcoin ATMs, or through other small traders. Depending on which country you’re located in.

How can I buy your ICO tokens?

Just create your own account, fill in the required details, sign in and send one of the cryptocurrencies to the address of the wallet that has been generated for you. After processing your payment, you will be credited with the amount of tokens you have purchased. The tokens will be distributed directly to you within 10 days of the ICO termination. Then you can start trading them.

Are there any geo restrictions?

First Crypto ETF (FCTF) is currently unavailable for citizens of the United States of America due to a local regulation. Also for any company or citizen/permanent resident of the jurisdiction where the purchase of FCTF tokens is illegal, restricted or requires specialized accreditation.

How will blockchain technology be used?

Blockchain technology is a perfect fit for us. Firstly, it’s efficient for portfolio settlement. It’s almost instant. And our portfolio is traceable by all participants, including which coins were bought or sold and when. You couldn’t have higher transparency.

Where can I see the current token price development?

The price trend is displayed on the chart you see on our website. It shows the development of the “10 cryptos” portfolio based on the market price development.

How can I communicate with you?

For now, the best and fastest way is by e-mail or via social networks.